Beyond my academic activities I seek to use my training and abilities for social engagement.
Among others,

  • as a Member of Rotary International
  • as a Supporting Member of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace

If you are interested, you may find more information about both organizations on this page.

I am an involved member of Rotary International. While there are many rumors about this service organization I have learned that Rotary members support their local communities and engage in global activities to do good in the world. Having had the chance to visit Israel as a Rotary Group Study Exchange Fellow I am now active in Rotary’s International Service and seek to contribute to advance “international understanding, goodwill and peace.” Like to learn more (e.g. about our Peace Fellowships):

I am a supporting member of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace an organization doing reconciliation following the terror Germany had brought upon the world during World War II. Through this organization I was able to do voluntary peace service working for survivors of the Shoa. With the help of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace young people from Germany are send to work in reconciliation projects around the world while young people from other countries come to Germany nowadays. As a supporting member of the organization I hope that my small contribution gives young people the opportunity to engage in this form of voluntary service. Like to learn more (in German):