What are the effects of Europeanization on the ‘hardware’ of ministerial organizations? The recent literature concludes that Europeanization has decisive and pronounced effects on organizational change of state administrations. However, convincing empirical evidence of the precise effects of Europeanization distinguishing between different levels of the ministerial administration as well as different events characterizing ministerial change is missing. We argue that it is important to account for different administrative subunits and events when assessing organizational change as the effect of Europeanization on ministerial change may vary. Using novel data on German ministries from 1949 to 2006 summarized in the “German Ministerial Structure Database” we map all administrative subunit changes which are related to EC/EU issues. This allows for testing the effect of European pressure, measured as major treaty revisions, on the “hardware” of ministerial organizations. Results from negative binomial regression show that when European pressure is present nearly twice as many intra–organizational changes take place most of them being creations or terminations of sections. Hence, Europeanization has decisive effects on the administrative subunits at the lowest administrative level. These findings have major implications for understanding how Europeanization affects continuity and change of public sector organizations.

Draft presented.

Together with
Christina Lichtmannegger (Leibniz University of Hannover)